Telephone callers still trying to scam computer users

June 15, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen,

We have had a couple of calls now reporting suspicious phone calls regarding computer scams. Details are as follow:

A call was received from a man with a thick foreign (Asian/Indian) accent purporting to be Michael from a Windows Service Centre telling the informant that there was a problem with his computer. They pretended that they could’nt hear him (partially true anyway) and asked for a number to call back. He gave them (after 3 attempts to get it right) 0800 0488005.

Internet investigation indicates that this number is used by a company called CoMantra Services based in Salt Lake City but the style and method of approach is strongly indicative of some sort of illegal activity.

Under no circumstances should anyone give ANY information whatsoever. If the caller provides your name and address (which are public information anyway) and asks you to confirm these details – DON’T.

A second member of public called today to state that she had received a call, again from a male with an Indian accent, stating that her computer could corrupt at any time as there were numerous problems on it. They asked her to go onto her computer so that they could access it and fix it for her. Very sensibly she said NO, and then proceeded to try and get some information from them. They also said that they were from Windows 7 and that his name was Jason. The telephone number given this time is 02032397020. When asked which area this was they said it was Southampton, but that is not correct.

Unfortunately the same lady reporting the second incident also had another call, supposedly from her bank, stating they were wanting to refund any charges that had been taken from her account. When she asked which bank they were talking about, they said “you know the one”, to which she replied that she did, but did they not know which bank it was. At this point they hung up.

Unfortunately phone scams seem to be increasing so we want to reiterate the fact that you should NEVER give out or confirm personal details, NEVER go on to your computer to allow access to these people, and again NEVER give out any banking details.

Most people are aware of this, but unfortunately we can be caught out on occasions.

Many thanks for taking the time to read this.
PC 3041 Alison Rumbold

Any information, please telephone Essex Police on 03003334444 or Crimestoppers on 0800555111

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