Hard sales alarm company

November 22, 2010

I’m afraid there have been having more reports of the “too good to be true” alarm sales company which I’ve told you about in the past.

These people have so far tried claiming to be either recommended by Neighbourhood Watch or working in conjunction with Neighbouhood Watch and in some cases have also made out to be working with the Police doing a “British Crime Survey” and giving away free alarm equipment to a select few. They now choose their words extremely carefully to give the impression that there is some connection between Neighbourhood Watch and or Police without actually stating this. Unfortunately Trading Standards are unable to stop them from selling in this way, but they do tend to be selling extremely expensive packages based on a monthly rolling payment.

I continue to  advise Neighbourhood Watchers to steer clear of anyone who telephones selling alarm systems (or anything else for that matter) and if you have members or neighbours who are interested in buying an alarm system, please recommend them to speak to Peter Caulfield, our Crime Reduction Officer first to ascertain what it is they might actually need before approaching any alarm companies. Peter will also be able to recommend some local companies who charge a fair price for installing good quality equipment without overselling.

These people do tend to target the elderly – presumably they have purchased a commercial database from somewhere which give them this information (another good reason not to fill out forms) so please do let any retired residents in your area know to avoid these people if possible.

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